• Xtreme Archive: Project X 1992-1999

    November 9 - December 11, 2015 Gallery open Monday to Friday, 11am-5:30pm. Later hours for events. 18th Street Arts Center, Gallery, 1639 18th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404

    Xtreme Archive: Project X 1992-1999
    A Project X exhibition at 18th Street Arts Center

    Concluding our curatorial residency at 18th Street Arts Center, Project X presents Xtreme Archive: Project X 1992-1999, an exhibition of ephemera, images, and audio recordings about the exhibitions of Project X in the nineties.

    Known as the publishers of X-TRA, Project X originated in the early nineties as a roving organization of artists curating exhibitions in the wake of the art market boom, striving to fill the absence of conceptual art exhibitions and criticism in Los Angeles. Independently producing ten exhibitions across Los Angeles and Orange County during the nineties, the group’s curatorial projects illustrate the crucial role of the artist’s voice in shaping and sustaining contemporary art culture in Southern California.

    This exhibition gathers documentation, personal accounts, and original print materials gathered over the course of Project X’s 2015 curatorial residency at 18th Street Arts Center spearheaded by Project X Executive Director Shana Lutker and Curatorial Fellow Kellie Lanham. This archive-in-progress showcases the network of artists and artworks spanning the organization’s exhibitions gathered thus far.

    It’s a work in progress that begs the question: How does the history and community of Los Angeles in the nineties influence us today?

    18TH STREET Galleries are free and open to the public M–F 11am-5:30pm

    Project X Forum and Opening Reception: Saturday, November 21, 4:30PM
    Details to come.

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    The Curator in Residence program at 18th Street Arts Center is generously supported by the the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.
    Project X exhibitions and participants:

    The First Show
    October-November, 1992

    Guggenheim Gallery
    Chapman University, Orange

    Artists: Stephen Berens, Ellen Birrell, Erik Otsea, Jorge Pardo, Theresa Pendlebury, Jan Tumlir

    Essay: Wendy Salmond

    Project X at the Far Bazzar
    December, 1992

    Old Federal Building
    Los Angeles

    Artists: Miyoshi Barosh, Stephen Berens, Elizabeth Bryant, Jan Tumlir

    Xtreme Research
    February, 1993

    California State University
    Los Angeles

    Artists: Miyoshi Barosh, Stephen Berens, Timothy Martin, Alex Miokovic, Mitchell Syrop, David Wilson

    Essay: Jan Tumlir

    Suitably Appointed
    September 21-December 14, 1993

    Muckenthaler Cultural Center

    Artists: Elizabeth Bryant, Eric Magnuson, Christian Mounger, Renée Petropoulos, Elizabeth Pulsinelli, Anne Walsh

    Program for Paradise
    March, 1995

    Remsen Bird Hillside Theatre
    Occidental College, Los Angeles

    Performances: Anita Pace, Marnie Weber, Liz Young

    Site Works: Stephen Berens, Ellen Birrell, Elizabeth Bryant, Ben Chase, Andrew Freeman, Robert Gero, Mara Lonner, Mike Pierzynski

    Writings & Readings: Lisa Anne Auerbach, David Bunn, Kathleen Johnson, Charles LaBelle, Terri Phillips, Jan Tumlir, Eve Wood

    December, 1995, February & March, 1996

    Armory Center for the Arts

    Artists: Lynne Berman, Kathy Chenoweth, Diane Bromberg, Eve Luckring, Charles Gaines, Cheryl Kershaw

    Essays: William Raines & Charles Gaines

    After Pierre Menard
    February 5-March 5, 1997

    Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University

    Artists: David Bunn , Meg Cranston, Dave Muller, Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié, Mitchell Syrop

    Essay: Andrew Perchuk

    Lost and Found
    October 22-November 19, 1998

    Los Angeles

    Artists: Lori Koop, Marcos Rosales, Jeannie Simms, Marnie Weber

    Curators: Soo Kim & Anne Walsh

    East of Eden: Profane Gardens
    Feb. 8-March 18, 1999

    Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University

    Artists: Maura Bendett, Elizabeth Bryant, Liz Craft, Jacci Den Hartog, Dana Duff, Patrick Nickell, Michael Pierzynski, Marina Rosenfeld

    Essays: Amy Gerstler and Richard Turner

    Curator: Richard Turner

    August 13-September 4, 1999

    Rosamund Felsen Gallery
    Santa Monica, CA

    Artists: Nancy Barton, Stephen Berens, John Boskovich, Jessica Bronson, Meg Cranston, Steve Hurd, Larry Johnson, Joe Mama-Nitzberg, T. Kelly Mason, Marc Pally, Stephen Prina, Diana Thater, Christopher Williams

    Curator & Essay: Laurence Rickels

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