• X-TRA’s 1 IMAGE 1 MINUTE 2008

    December 11, 2008 Redcat Theater, Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater
    Downtown Los Angeles

    X-TRA presents 1 IMAGE 1 MINUTE

    THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2008 8 – 10 PM Redcat Theater at Disney Hall, Downtown Los Angeles

    Join us for a special event in celebration of the publication of X-TRA 11.2.

    Over 30 Artists, Curators, and Historians each present a personally significant image for 1 minute. Participants from all over the LA art community will come together for this live presentation of short stories and anecdotes tied to images.

    The 1 IMAGE 1 MINUTE event is based on Micol Hebron’s column in X-TRA, which is a recreation of a project produced by Belgian director Agnès Varda. Varda invited various people in and outside the art world to respond to photographic images for one minute. She presented the results on French television in 1983.

    Participants:  Kelly Barrie, Justin Beal, Joshuah Bearman, Jedediah Caesar, Marcus Civin, Ginny Cook, Charlotte Cotton, Zoe Crosher, Leslie Dick, Charles Gaines, Malik Gaines, Harry Gamboa Jr., Bia Gayotto, Ken Gonzales-Day, Rita Gonzalez, Todd Gray, Karl Haendel, Skylar Haskard, Julian Hoeber, Michael Ned Holte, Ashley Hunt, Vishal Jugdeo, Philipp Kaiser, Martin Kersels, Alex Klein, Karen Lang, Thomas Lawson, Simon Leung, Ming-Yuen S. Ma, Audrey Mandelbaum, Erlea Maneros Zabala, Kimberli Meyer, Michael Minelli, Steven Nelson, Corrina Peipon, Vanessa Place, Kim Schoen, Joe Smoke, Joel Tauber, Jan Tumlir, Matias Viegener, and Flora Wiegmann.

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