• X-TRA Thanks for the Anniversary Celebration and Party Pics!!

    Friday December 1 7 - 9 pm there-there

    Dear friends of X-TRA—

    Thank you so much for coming out to celebrate our 20th Anniversary on Friday!
    It was a fabulous party and we were so happy for the opportunity to celebrate everyone
    who has played a part in X-TRA since 1997.

    A special thanks to our raffle-players and congratulations to our raffle-winners!

    If you weren’t able to make the party, please show your support. Renew your membership or make a fully tax-deductible donation in support of our 20th Anniversary year and the future to come.

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    We’d like to extend an XX-tra thanks to Lauri Firstenberg and there-there for letting us takeover; Susan Hardwick-Hall for her mastery of the food table;
    Candice Lin for her amazing concoctions; Bob Gunderman and Katharina Bauckhage for curating the raffle; Matt Merkel Hess, David Korty, Candice Lin, Alex Olson, Kim Schoen, Mark Verabioff and Lena Wolek for making beautiful things with 5 lbs of clay; Alyssa Julian for keeping us in the loop; Jessica Renzelman and Emma Joann Smith-Coppes for womanning the door; and to Jessica Renzelman again for the amazing photos; Amy von Harrington for spinning tunes of ’97 and beyond; Utah Snyder for providing sharp knives and set up support; and all the X-TRA Editors and Advisory Council members for their support and advice.

    Here’s to an X-TRA twenty years!


    Photos above by Jessica Renzelman.

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