• Project X Forum 8: Lost and Found with Nao Bustamante, Soo Kim, and HK Zamani

    Wednesday October 14, 2015 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm 18th Street Arts Center, Curator's Lounge, 1639 18th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404

    The “Lost and Found” is an archive by default, a place to find your mother, a record of absence through presence, and an “anonymous museum” of unrelated items.
    —Soo Kim and Anne Walsh in “Editors Notes,” X-TRA Vol. 2. no. 1

    Project X Forum 8: Lost and Found takes Soo Kim and Anne Walsh’s definition as a cue. Invited guests Nao Bustamante and Soo Kim will converse on the subject of “Lost and Found” and giving presence to the absent. Bustamante’s recent exhibition at Vincent Price Museum is one avenue of inquiry, but who knows where our journey to the “Lost and Found” will lead us?

    HK Zamani will begin the program with a presentation on the associated Project X exhibition, Lost and Found, at PØST in Fall 1998 curated by Soo Kim and Anne Walsh,  including a history of PØST, founded by Zamani in 1995.

    Lost and Found
Lori Koop, Marcos Rosales, Jeannie Simms, Marnie Weber
    October 22-November 19, 1998

    Wednesday October 14
    7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
    18th Street Arts Center, Curator’s Lounge,
    1639 18th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404
    Refreshments served.

    This is the eighth in a series of public forums investigating the exhibitions Project X produced in the 90s at 18th Street Arts Center, with a focus on the conditions facing Los Angeles artists at that time, and the way they shaped artist-run organizations, alternative exhibitions and publications.

    • You can listen to an audio recording of this forum here.

    Project X originated as a roving organization. A team of artists curating exhibitions in the wake of the art market boom of the nineties, they strove to fill the absence of conceptual art criticism in Los Angeles. Project X’s curatorial projects illustrate the crucial role of the artist’s voice in shaping and sustaining the Los Angeles art community.

    The Project X Forums are organized by Shana Lutker and Kellie Lanham.

    Project X will host forums once a month through 2015.

    Thanks to 18th Street Arts Center! The Curator in Residence program at 18th Street Arts Center is generously supported by the the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

    Thank you to LACA for hosting the Project X Forums Archive.

    image: Nao Bustamante, Tierra y Libertad, Kevlar® 2945, 2011, production still. “Test Shoot,” Bustamante uses a gun typical of the Mexican Revolution to test the protective strength of her fighting costume. Courtesy of the artist.

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