• Immaterials and Proposals at Human Resources

    December 8, 2011 8 - 10 pm Human Resources
    410 Cottage Home Stin Chinatown, 90012

    A reading of artworks that exist in description only

    Thursday December 8, 2011

    8 pm – 10 pm

    at Human Resources
    410 Cottage Home St
    in Chinatown, 90012

    Inspired by the Artist’s Project in our new winter issue, the editors of X-TRA invite you to join us for a reading of artworks that exist only in written, immaterial form. The evening’s readings will be a mix of historical and contemporary works: outlined ideas and proposals for imagined objects, images, events, or exhibitions that remain text only – scripts, descriptions or proposals that could never be or intentionally have never been realized in other forms.

    Participants: Stephen Berens, Audrey Chan, Leslie Dick, Karen Dunbar, Rita Gonzalez, Micol Hebron, Julian Hoeber, Shana Lutker, Emily Mast, Anna Mayer and Jemima Wyman, Joseph Mosconi, Aram Moshayedi, Kris Paulsen, Elizabeth Pulsinelli, Kim Schoen, Nizan Shaked, Damon Willick and others.

    Some of the readings: Edward Kienholz’s Concept Tableau, Ant Farm’s Dolphin Embassy, Leslie Dick’s RULES FOR DREAMING, Chris Burden’s The Moon Piece, Tom Marioni’s Predictions ’78, Harold Gregor’s Everyman’s Infinite Art…

    About the Artist’s Project: The new issue of X-TRA features a reproduction of Harold Gregor’s 1966 project, Everyman’s Infinite Art.

    Everyman’s Infinite Art contained thirteen works that were meant to minimize the functions of the gallery, artist, and critic while challenging the prevailing assumptions of what works of art entailed. The gallery, in fact, was closed for the two weeks that the exhibition took place, thus making its catalog with its written descriptions of the art the art itself. In this issue of X-TRA, we present a reprint of the catalog along with an interview with Gregor by Damon WIllick and an essay by Lane Relyea.

    Learn more about the project here:

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