• Micol Hebron presents 1 Image 1 Minute

    October 9, 2012 7:30 PM ForYourArt at 6020 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles

    15 Years in 15 Days: Day 9 /

    VOLUME 9
    Micol Hebron presents 1 Image 1 Minute

    1 Image 1 Minute was a written column and live event in which invited participants select a significant photograph that they discuss for 1 minute. The inspiration for the 1 Image 1 Minute column in X-TRA was a similar project produced by Belgian director Agnès Varda (and later written about by Rosalind Krauss) for French television in 1983. In this live version for X-TRA’s 15th anniversary celebration, 30 Angelenos from various facets of the art world discuss an image they find interesting, inspiring, or thought-provoking. The 1 Image 1 Minute column in X-TRA began in 2008 and versions have been produced at REDCAT, the Creative Artist’s Agency, and the Pacific Design Center with the support of Art Los Angeles Contemporary. Over 200 people have participated thus far.

    Participants: Jerri Allyn, Sarah Beadle, John Burtle, David Burns, Cassandra Coblentz, Michael Dahan, Corazon del Sol, David DiMichele, Roxy Farhat, Chloe Flores, Denise Johnson, William Kaminski, Farah Karapetian, Dennis Keeley, Devin Kenny, Ellina Kevorkian, Joseph Llanes, Alan Nakagawa, Suzy Newbury, D’Ette Nogle, Rebecca O’Leary, Lara Jo Regan, Christy Roberts, Daniel Rolnik, Kiki Seror, John Spiak, Sally Spitz, Dani Tull, Annie Wharton, and Austin Young.
    Read a 1 Image 1 Minute column here

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