• FIRE IN THE LIBRARY: FIND BIG MIND, a cross discipline talk influenced by the work of Eugenia Butler

    October 13, 2012 7:30 PM ForYourArt at 6020 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles

    15 Years in 15 Days: Day 13 /
    VOLUME 13


    Join us at ForYourArt on Saturday at 7:30pm for this cross discipline talk influenced by the work of Eugenia Butler (with *surprise* multimedia component). We have an amazing line up of participants

    more info here https://www.facebook.com/events/375482415879206/

    Introductions by KAREN DUNBAR, Editor X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly CORAZON DEL SOL: Co-host, Eugenia Butler’s daughter LEILA HAMIDI: Co-host, Eugenia Butler’s friend and archivist DR. JOANN KUCHERA-MORIN: Composer, Director of Allosphere MARK LEE: Architect, Principal of Johnston Marklee MARCOS LUTYENS: Co-host, Interdisciplinary artist F. MYLES SCIOTTO: Architect, designer of immersive environments JOSHUA WOLF SHENK: Essayist and author FLORA SIGISMONDI: Music video, film, and commercial director

    During X-TRA’s thirteenth year of publication, four consecutive articles were printed from transcripts of Eugenia Butler’s 1993 Kitchen Table talks. To celebrate this, organizers Corazon del Sol (Eugenia’s daughter), Karen Dunbar (X-TRA editor), and Leila Hamidi (Eugenia’s friend and arhivist) will host the conversation FIRE IN THE LIBRARY: FIND BIG MIND.

    This conversation is inspired by Eugenia P. Butler’s Kitchen Table talks (1993) and her Fire in the Library talks (2000-04). Both artworks took the form of conversations in which the artist invited others to join in a discussion about questions that mattered to them, as human beings and within their various disciplines.

    The open-ended question that will be posed is: “What does an idea look like?” The space will take the form that Eugenia developed for the Fire in the Library conversations where the participants are seated in a circle, surrounded by their audience, who were invited to be active listeners and witnesses to the conversation.

    Read X-TRA’s series of excerpts of Eugenia Butler’s Kitchen Table Talks.

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