Fall 2001
Volume 4
Number 1

White Album

Shoshana Wayne Gallery
Santa Monica
Jan Tumlir
David Bunn Dave Muller Jan Tumlir Cindy Sherman Romanticism LACE Brian Tucker Jessica Bronson Frances Stark Kevin Sullivan Theodor Adorno reproduction The Beatles Robert Rauschenberg Untitled Pop avant-garde Yoko Ono Hollywood kitsch real archive nostalgia idealism black hole revolution poetry arbitrary Richard Hamilton Shoshana Wayne Gallery fine arts popular music White Album cover art British Pop white absorptive medium limited-edition-type print mass-produced cultural commodity ambivalent gesture The Who Sell Out The Velvet Underground with Nico EP The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers misreading open document blind spot ideological orientation Charles Manson assertion late 1960s England David and Goliath fan and superstar desire destructive desire Sarah Seager A Record of 100 00 Sights inconclusive ambiguity peripheral cultures mainstream cultures condition of music Levi-Strauss language without meaning aural analogue digital CD format vinyl LP Beatlemania historicization lack of color chosen color blankness minimal aesthetic Plexiglas Carle Andre en masse vinyl stockpile artist’s archive Something Subliminal (Some A’s) curator/artist trainspotter back up doubling Meet the Beatles DB Here There and Everywhere The Doors 1960s counterculture Liverpool twinning card catalogue LA Central Library world knowledge the Enlightenment project Liverpool Public Library port-town magic carpet Burnett Miller archival themes fandom historicism Inheritance genealogical method and procedure Post-Conceptual memorabilia The Smart One The Good-Looking One The Quiet One The Clown Eight Days a Week the German Version Brian Eno successful log song emotionalism superstardom White Album with Kool-aid Stain Abigail Folger Voytek Frykowski crime-scene photographs commemoration public context private context archaic reproduction turntables records reading a record vertigo Adorno Black Sabbath Paranoid Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Goat’s Head Soup P.I.L. First Edition stains hippie Catholic aura Sharon Tate Jay Sebring the Manson family Roman Polanski LSD Out/In Don’t you know that you can count me out/in ambivalence hermeneutics Helter Skelter Vincent Bugliosi childhood’s end kicked out of Eden Influenced (Harrison) Brad Spence psychedelic acid trip Dick Slessig Combo Dear Prudence Washed Under Whitney Mark Lightcap Steve Goodfriend Acetone The Radar Bros Maw & Paw Walker Art Center Let’s Entertain Pompidou Center Resolver Revolution #9 The Long and Winding Road The Fool on the Hill John Lennon facelessness impersonal Iain Macmillian Russian Constructivism Cut Piece Screen Laura Mulvey The Spectacle Sunrise Event Dawn Piece innate beauty Rape violence retaliation objectified women politics of gender paparazzi pacifist