Fall 2002
Volume 5
Number 1

Warhol at MoCA

Andy Warhol
Museum of Contemporary Art
Los Angeles, May 27-August 15, 2002
Brian Tucker
Doug Harvey Andy Warhol Brian Tucker criticism factory retrospective Robert Summers Holland Cotter MOCA Los Angeles 2002 Warhol’s paintings post-1960 art history conventional art objects 1960s 1970s 1980s unfashionable art commercial galleries educational institutions art speaking for itself didactic text documentary materials Ad Reinhardt exclusion of different mediums artist’s body of work Polaroids photobooth photos Time Capsules cardboard boxes ephemera mail fights audiotapes social encounters Interview magazine Exploding Plastic Inevitable self-portraits public persona Warhol’s films Screen Tests architecture of MoCA Los Angeles Dennis Hopper incomplete presentation chock-a-block artistic originality individual artist economic doldrums Warhol’s history LA Weekly Bruce Conner Campbell’s Soup Cans queer identity Mao Silver Clouds The New York Times Advocate.com sexual-political identity pink “Cow” nude men gay-themed works Jeremy Strick LA Times dissenting opinions Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh