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Ben Patterson — Untitled

While preparing for an upcoming career retrospective, Patterson came across a number of plans for unrealized projects. Knowing that he will not have time to produce them in his lifetime, he offers a number of them in this issue for anyone to perform.

American-born Fluxus artist Ben Patterson began his career in 1960, when he moved to Cologne, Germany, and became active in the radical contemporary music scene, performing in festivals in Cologne, Paris, Venice, Vienna and elsewhere. Late in 1961, Patterson moved to Paris, where he collaborated with Robert Filliou on puzzle poems and where he published Methods and Processes. He continued to be a major presence at Fluxus events until the early 1970s, when he retired to pursue an ordinary life. In 1988, Patterson came out of retirement with his exhibition titled Ordinary Life at the Emily Harvey Gallery in New York. Since then he has had numerous solo exhibitions and performances in Europe, Russia, Asia, and the Americas and his work has been featured in many recent Fluxus exhibitions. A career retrospective is planned for Fall 2008 at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.