Fall 2001
Volume 4
Number 1

Unruly and Legion

Chris Heenan
Mike Kelley Los Angeles LACE White Noise abstraction LA 1960s 1970s Chris Heenan Los Angeles Free Music Society Paul McCarthy Unruly and Legion experimental sound-marking Al’s Bar The Brand Library noise music The Lowest Form of Music The Cortical Foundation pop music mentality garage band Le Forte Four The Doo-Dooettes Airway Rick Potts Joe Potts Tom Recchion Fredrik Nilsen Dennis Duck John Duncan diverse music aesthetic consequence immediacy music-making Chip Chapman John Cafe Mauricio Kagel Merzbow Boredoms Derek Bailey The Shaggs punk aesthetic East Los Angeles Free Music Society L-44 hi-fi electronics Buchla Box synthesizer lo-fi Morton Subtonic Silver Apples on the Moon goofiness spacey electronics band rehearsals Frank Zappa Stravinsky Columbia-Princeton Music Studio highbrow electronic music 1950s headpieces unity opposition distance sound spaces sound textures Captain Beefheart doomsday po-faced jokes Fontana Mix Cartridge Music Time Records spatial ambiances cacophony temporary stasis near-silence silence goofy composer recordings decontextualization New Music cultural currency sonic transmogrification how to speak a foreign language social lubrication active listening passivity Monique Et Aviv Extended Organ Solid Eye Joseph Hammer The MAK Center Schindler House sonic debt