Fall 2002
Volume 5
Number 1

The Nineties Jr.

LA on my Mind
MOCA at the Pacific Design Center
Los Angeles, January 27-April 21, 2002
Jan Tumlir
Jan Tumlir MOCA Guy Debord Jorge Pardo Andy Warhol Richard Hawkins Los Angeles Liz Craft Pacific Design Center Duchamp psychoanalysis reproduction Roland Barthes Pop Art repetition avant-garde kitsch alienation orientation socialism capitalism LA 1990’s nineties 90’s LA on my Mind Michael Darling Paul Schimmel Public Offerings Jason Rhoades economics sociology 90’s art Nineties Art time decade decade-ism Appropriation Art Identity Art society of the spectacle mass culture fine art Derrida differance authorial agency cultural margins the Other selfhood generalization The Industry information culture Amy Adler sexual identity individual desire lesbian simulacrum celebrity subjectivity post-industrial industrial signature art school Howard Singerman academia West Coast Gilbert Durand Adam Ross heroism sci-fi post-modernism self-portrait trade papers B-movie blank screen anything goes St. Vitus Dance black hole Dean Sameshima Andrea Bowers Home Depot found object Magic Mountain rollercoaster real world Robert Downey Jr. City Underground drugs being high acting