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Claire Nereim — The Arbor

In this issue, Claire Nereim presents The Arbor (2015), the beginnings of an astral garden. Inside the front cover, readers will find the artist’s interpretive map of the Los Angeles sky on the evening of March 15 (the first day of distribution for this issue). The inside back cover charts the night sky on June 15 (the last day the issue will be available on newsstands). On each of those nights, follow the maps to find, with guidance from the Pole Star and Cassioppeia in the celestial North, two new constellations, each revealing a plant in the sky.*

Since 2008, Nereim has been making star maps to examine the relationship of the terrestrial sphere to celestial space. One night, when the artist was looking skyward to locate a known constellation, she found another group glimmering instead. A game of observation began—the artist recorded an identical group, then a whole series of twin patterns emerged in the sky—amidst, between, and borrowing from the canon of astronomy’s figures. After these observational maps, Nereim started making research-based seasonal maps, akin to the maps comprising The Arbor.

Claire Nereim lives and works in Los Angeles. In her work, she investigates conventions of making meaning and the relationship between art, design, and the body. She received her MFA from CalArts in 2011 and her BA from Oberlin College.

*Each constellation should be visible for a few days on either side of the given date.

Claire Nereim, The Arbor, star map for March 15, 2016 (front inside cover), and June 15, 2016 (back inside cover).