Spring 2002
Volume 4
Number 3

Rachel Marker and the City of Maps, Berlin, Summer 2001

Maira Roth
Bertolt Brecht Walter Benjamin photography real dream tourism narrative travel Moira Roth visit maps Berlin Rachel Marker city history of Berlin modern Germany imperial history Weimar epoch Nazi epoch post WWII history divided country fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 liberal immigration policy declining birth rate population City of Maps Mitte 19th-century building Borges’ Fictions Benjamin’s A Berlin Chronicle Jorge Luis Borges reading while traveling monuments memorials Berlin Wall Museum Reichstag Norman Foster Brandenburg Gate Topography of Terror Heinrich Himmler Gestapo headquarters Peter Eisenman Holocaust memorial under construction Carl Biedermann The Abandoned Room Eva Butzmann Kristalnacht Victory Column travel on foot Maria Roth fictional story short story writing process The Woman with no Memory recollection East Berlin fictional rehearsal burning city excursions indoors photographically record Book of Shadows fable strangers forgotten knowledge travelers map-making preservation Mauerpark Prenzlauerberg