Winter 2002
Volume 5
Number 2

James Lee Byars’ Performable Objects

Kati Rubinyi
Minimalism Andy Warhol Douglas Crimp Fluxus Joseph Beuys Michael Fried John Cage music James Lee Byars Kati Rubinyi Performable Objects James Elliot The Perfect Thought Japan performable paper paper work Lucinda Childs grid art and technology avant-garde film expanded cinema mid 1960’s three dimensional The Performable Square origami wrapping James Meyer Zen Noh Pop Roland Barthes seriality Pop Art Lichtenstein fashion dance Judson Church Theater Norman Bryson female dancer Bell Laboratories Yvonne Rainer repetition repetitive gestures costumes Robert Morris avant-garde avant-garde literature technology multimedia experimentation Dada Nam Jun Paik Yoko Ono Philipe Soupeault electronic media musical performance Stan VanDerBeek George Landow Michael Snow Mile Long Paper Walk fold unfold mise-en-scene Jack Smith Normal Love glitter narrative illusion postmodern film theatricality Hollywood mood of religion glamour