Winter 2002
Volume 5
Number 2

Eva Hesse: Random Notes

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
February 2-May 19, 2002

Wiesbaden Museum, Germany
June 15-October 13, 2002

Tate Modern, London
November 14, 2002-March 9, 2003
Leslie Dick
gender Leslie Dick Duchamp Joseph Beuys sculpture sexuality abstraction Eva Hesse Random Notes Doug Johns formalism gradation Joseph Albers optical effects geometric forms color light latex fiberglass gravity weight Hang Up wrapped string Ingeminate balloons material upside down orientation upright circle drawings semi-spheres concave Ishtar Addendum interval breasts milk fall Accession Boxes Yayoi Kusama Sol Lewitt ambient light materiality skin Tori Accretion Nazi lampshade Repetition Nineteen III Right After polyester clothing container contained Charles Ginnever Bridgehampton and Woodstock hang umbilical cord penis hair knots World War II Tom Doyle Germany Nazi abandonment female bandage Grace Wapner Lucy Lippard control random shroud San Francisco Museum of Modern Art