Spring 2002
Volume 4
Number 3

Dear Allan…

Richard Fung
photography history remembrance letter Japan family clothing tourists tourism cosmopolitan travel Richard Fung 1990’s death 1970s 1980s friendship postcard outsider pilgrimage childhood Afghanistan Peru Mazar-e-Sharif Huancayo traveling trip border pick-up truck desert Mecca scenery caravans nomads encampments yurts dawn bonfire camera travel photography candid Turkey having your photograph taken photographer and subject subject blacksmiths tradespeople Iran veil laughing despotism tranquil dignity children social structures not standing out belonging Uzbekistan Soviet Union Buddhist statues Bamiyan mountain cliffs Alexander the Great Kabul Pakistan Nepal Europe communication spur of the moment Ayacucho Lima sunshine damp fog winter English Toronto Nicaragua Central America Colombia racism Chinese noises mockery martial arts Hong Kong cinema illiterate subtitles harassment Chinatown foreign foreigner young travelers paisano slur Trinidad and Tobago Miss Universe identification Canada Cuzco Inca Empire presence of history Bermuda shorts American tourists telephoto lens anxious anxiety revolution military spot checks China India Xian Mysore homeland judgment self-presentation regional provincial Cantonese foreign language language barriers drinking tea familial death village VHS camera overwhelmed luck one-way letters corporate change Bangalore Silicon Valley growing art conference reason for travel friend Goa Calcutta western artists Indian modernity misunderstanding visual economy discomfort presence of the camera middle-class exoticize exotic different philosophical mood moody traveling alone time off work