Sue Williams, Detritus, 2007.

Sue Williams, Detritus, 2007. Oil on canvas; 70 x 70 inches. Courtesy the artist and David Zwirner, New York.

This trend has reached what is, for many feminists of my generation and earlier (I was born in 1961), a bizarre and disconcerting apogee in the works of younger generation white women artists such as Australian Anthea Behm (b. 1977) and American Liz Cohen (b. 1973). Extravagant claims are made for these artists as somehow taking apart or critiquing myths about female subjectivity. “In The Chrissy Diaries,” Timothy Morell argues, “Anthea Behm catalogues the female archetypes that girls dream of becoming when they grow up, but she portrays them with poignant disillusionment. The short film clips of Chrissy (played by Behm) fulfilling her fantasies don’t quite match the glamorous images a little girl might imagine.”