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Todd Gray, Kyungmi Shin, Tricia Lawless Murray, Todd Hido
Organized by Micol Hebron
Kyungmi Shin, "Africa High Rise," 2008. Photo collage, 8 x 12 ft.

Kyungmi Shin, Africa High Rise, 2008. Photo collage, 8 x 12 ft.

I am immediately transported to another place while viewing Africa High Rise. Is the image about to explode or implode? I can’t tell. Perhaps it is on the verge of both, buckling under its own weight, shifting on its invisible tectonic plates. As I look, my eye has developed a mind of its own quite apart from my brain, lagging behind, engrossed in the game of meaning, as my gaze wanders across this image, dancing, stopping and stuttering to the polyrhythmic pulses of the pictures.

I see places and scenes familiar to me yet they appear completely new in this collage. I am reminded of the chaotic and indescribable beauty I frequently encounter on my travels to Accra and Kumasi, Ghana. I can almost smell this photo collage, and feel the damp heat on my skin.

It remains fresh every time I lay my eyes on it.

Todd Gray, Artist

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