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Glenn Phillips, Kristina Newhouse, Eva Forgacs, Ciara Ennis
Organized by Micol Hebron
"Phyllis Phillips," 1973

Phyllis Phillips, 1973

We’d like to think that powerful images are always the product of artistic genius, but more often than not it’s the knowledge we bring to an image that makes it compelling. Here is an image of my mother being playful. When I look at photographs of my mother, I sometimes believe I know what she was thinking. But in this image, I know precisely what she was not thinking. Checking the date on this photograph, I discovered a secret: my mother is pregnant with me, but only by days, so she doesn’t know it yet. I liked this picture anyway, but a simple piece of information and some quick math made me love it, because it allowed me literally to place myself inside the image. Now when I look at this picture I know that I’m right there too–can you see me?

Glenn Phillips, Curator

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